fuck the fans ate

at Oakland Metro Operahouse

Time: 8:00pm     Day: Friday     Ages: 18+ Ages    
This Event Has Ended

21&up, $20 cover,
watch it live on twitch for free if youre cheap and shit
heres our story...

Those who win the Battle Royal of Supremacy in August are awarded the highest privilage... the honor to host one of our oldest traditions, FUCK THE FANS 8! Named thusly as this one wrestler is in complete control! The whims of audience and fellow Hoodslammer alike are thrown to the wind, and the ultimate glory and revenge of one individual is put front and center.

Our lineage is deep, our history like a thicket of thorn bushes...
2010: The CAPCOM Alliance
2011: DARK Sheik
2012: Anthony Butabi
2013: Drugz Bunny
2014: Broseph Joe Brody
2015: Doc Atrocity
2016: Referee Guido
2017: Johnny Drinko Butabi

All the hopes and dreams of every Hoodslammer lies in the hands of Johnny Drino Butabi. What matches will he book? What tortures will he unleash upon his enemies? And, one must assume, when and how will Johnny Drinko challenge PONG for the highest prize in the land, the Golden Gig?!

Now, we've come to learn over the years the a Hoodslammer in charge could just plan nothing, and leave us with a shitty first friday in October. SO, we've added to every year ONE MATCH that is unfuckwithable by the host of the show. It is the 30 entity over the top rope Royal Rumble of Rank Ramifications. Two will start. Another will enter the ring every minute or two. They can only be eliminated from the match by going over the top rope and touching the floor. This will continue until all entities have entered the ring and only one remains. The winner will be granted a Golden Gig opportunity at Novembers first friday event in Oakland.

Stay tuned, keep your ear to the ground, dontbringyourfnkids