H O O D S L A M :

hoodfighter tournament

at Oakland Metro Operahouse

Time: 8:00pm     Day: Friday     Ages: 21+ Ages    
This Event Has Ended

December 1st, the first friday of the month, aka Hoodslam Friday!


doors at 8, show at 9

Our one night annual tournament is soon upon us! 8 combatants enter the first round, winners proceed in the brackets, and one of them will have to win three matches in a single evening to crown themselves HoodFighter Tournament Champion for the year. The winner gets a shot at the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks in the new year.

Entrants soon to be named, keep them eyes wide open on our social media for that one cuzzies!

ALSO, current Best Athletes Coach Joey Nuggs has said he's got beef with OTHER current Best Athlete Anthony Butabi. Butabi beat Brutal Rob Hands at Bloodslam in a deathmatch to get his golden fannypack, but Coach Joey Nuggs isn't giving up his! Brutal Rob has said he respected Anythony Butabi and what he went through to get his championship, and has tried to keep his Coach to see things his way. Thus far, the two both just hold what is usually a solo or team championship.

SPEAKING OF CHAMPIONSHIPs our Golden Gig Champion PONG was able to rebuke yet another contender in Hip Hop Harry, but he may have lost his only friend in the process. FONG wasn't all too thrilled with the fierceness PONG showed his opponent - during the match, but even more so after. FONG actually shoved PONG when his attack would not relent. What seemed like a little ripple became a big wave in a hurry, as PONG would hug his only friend, but then hit him in the dick! It was a dick move, no doubt.

SPEAKING OF DICK MOVES Joey Ryan and his PENIS recently became the Intergalactic Tag Team Champions! Joey brought this surprise partner, and her awe inpiring debut dazzled audiences and befuddled opponents (yes her-, his dick is a women). The two were able to dethrone the Stoner Brothers 11 month reign as Champions, but just two days later the team dropped the titles to the CAUTION (CAUTION) in a three way dance in San Francisco. Butt Stuff has prevailed over dick shit...for now.

ALSO - Broseph Joe Brody, the Hoodslam Band, a ton of surprises, lots of fun, and a whole lot of lets get it on.